Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Warm Breeze

It is funny how God gives you just what you need.  Sometimes you don't even know how perfect the timing is, but it is always perfect. 

Yesterday morning we were up early and Bill was sitting on the patio.  He called in to me and said, "hey, I'm watching the sun rise in Africa. How cool is that?"  I went out to see a pink hue starting to come up between two other apartment buildings and I probably wasn't exactly very nice when I replied, "Yeah, that's beautiful. Let me get the camera.  Oh except that it's not very pretty coming up between two apartment buildings and a satellite dish".  I believe I rolled my eyes at him and walked back into the kitchen.  (did I mention that Bill is the "glass is half-full" part of our relationship?  His nickname is Pollyanna.  I love him to pieces but he kind of gets on your nerves at times with all of his positiveness-is that a word?) 

So, anyway...the day proceeded and we all had a very good day overall.  Fast forward to 12 hours later when Bill was making dinner.  I took all 4 of the girls down to the playground to run around while we waited for dinner to cook.  I was sitting on the swing holding Anita and I suddenly had a sense of peace overcome me.  I was thinking....."I am sitting outside at 5:30 at night with a baby on my lap. The girls are running around in shorts and t-shirts with flip flops on.  It is warm and there is a slight breeze.  If I were home right now we would not be outside because it would be too dark and too cold.  I think I could get used to this."  

So, I had to go in and confess my "Pollyanna" moment to Bill, who just smiled and went about roasting his chicken.  Sometimes I think he prays for my enlightenment just so he can have the satisfaction of feeling that he is right.  Although, God love him, he would never say "I told you so".  (I have never heard him out right say that in 21 years!)

So, that is where we are at.  Trying to find some semblance of "normalcy" here in Africa and trying to enjoy it one sunrise or one warm breeze at a time.


  1. Haha, oh, Teresa, you had me laughing out loud with your snarky comment! I am really enjoying your "realness" in this blog. And, for the record, yesterday it was also raining. ; )

    Continuing to pray for you guys and thankful for the peace God's giving you... : )

  2. Teresa, thank you for your transparency - your openness about the good things and the hard things you're all going through. We're praising God for your testimony and praying for you.

    Mary Murray