Monday, September 20, 2010

Day Ten in Uganda

Well, today was the first day that we had to have all 6 of us out of the house in the morning.  We did it!  Sad to say but Bill and I were pretty proud of ourselves that everybody had eaten, was dressed, 4 showers done and everybody on the way to the doctor's office by 8:30. 

The doctor's appointment was at the International Office of Migration (IOM) which is the department that the US Embassy requires us to have the girl's physicals done at.  We were there at 9:00 and out of there by 10:00.  Today was pretty simple...registration, intake, payment, height, weight and TB test.  We now have to go back on Thursday to have the TB test read and have the girl's physicals done.  Both girls did very well.  Hannah only weighs 3.5 kilograms more than Anita!  We knew she was petite, but were very surprised by that.

After that we took advantage of having a driver and stopped at the store and bought two 20 liter bottles of water. We have been going through a lot of  water and thought this would be less expensive and easier.  It has been fun watching Bill try to pour from the large container into the smaller bottles without a funnel.  He ended up with more on the floor than in the bottle at one point.  He's been faithful for a good laugh at least daily. 

We also stopped by the fresh fruit market today and bought 3 large bags of fruits and vegetables for $9.00!  Much cheaper than at the Shoprite where we've been getting our groceries.  It is within walking distance and Bill is already making plans to return there for more fresh produce.

Anita had a bit of a rough afternoon.  She had a lot of gas and an upset stomach which I 'm sure is due to the change in her diet.  She had 2-3 poops and was incosolable for  most of the afternoon.  She is also cutting teeth and has some molars coming in so I'm sure that isn't helping.  Sarah and Dee took the little girls to the playground for a bit which is always nice to have them run around and get some fresh air. Then, she was very clingy at dinner time again.  This seems to be her time of night when she just wants to be held constantly. It makes cooking dinner very challenging.  Through some serious tag teaming and baby swapping between the 4 of us, we managed to get dinner on the table.  This was our most successful meal yet!  We made mashed potatoes, meat loaf, and peas which I wasn't sure if Hannah and Anita would care for as it's nothing like they are used to but they DEVOURED it!  I guess we'll be making that one at least once a week while here. 

We were getting a little nervous last week because we had been unable to use our debit cards here.  I contacted our bank on Friday to get things cleared up.  I was able to use the card on Sunday which was a great relief as we were wondering how we were going to make our money that we had brought with us stretch over the next 5 weeks if we couldn't.

Tomorrow we return to court for Anita's ruling.  There is a possibility that the judge could require more information or different documents before making a ruling and then we would have to return to court yet again. We are praying that the judge would give us a positive ruling tomorrow and that she would grant us full guardianship of Anita.  Then, we can start the visa process and get her passport. We will be that much closer to getting home.

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