Friday, September 17, 2010

Day Seven in Uganda...has it really been a week already?

I am sitting alone in a very quiet apartment right now.  Everyone else is napping.  I could not sleep because of the noise coming in from the construction that is being done on the building next door.  I decided I might as well get up and have a cup of tea.  I am feeling better today.  Still slightly congested but not as bad as I was. Last night was the worst.  I haven't had such horrible nasal congestion in a long time.  Bill made me a steam treatment with some boiling water, menthol gum and a towel at the kitchen table. I'm sure that must have been quite the sight!  Should have taken a picture of that for the blog!  I don't know if it helped my sinuses or not, but my skin is quite clear this morning.

Hannah was awake at 3:30 this morning. Not sure why.  Bill had switched places with her in the night so she just laid there and kept kicking me. We finally got up around 5:30, had a bite to eat, gave her a drink and listened to some music.  I brought her back in to lay back down around 6 but I'm not sure she ever fell back asleep.  I, on the other hand, slept until 9:30 which was the best sleep I had had in a while.

This morning was very relaxed.  It has been nice to have  no appointments to tend to for a few days while we all adjust to each other and recuperate from any illnesses.  So far, it is just Anita and me that have been sick.  She has a runny nose and a cough with a slight fever.  Everyone else is doing fine so far.

Sarah and Dee went down to the pool this morning.  Bill and I joined them with the little girls.  We introduced them to the water yesterday and Anita wasn't too sure about it, but today she loved it.  Hannah was a little more timid, but as long as she could cling to me she was fine.  We just walked around in the water, getting her used to it.  We'll try more later and see if she gets used to it. I'm sure she has never experienced swimming in a pool!

The weather here is quite pleasant.  It is always partly cloudy and in the 70's.  We have one rain shower a day and have had a couple of thunder storms.  They are usually quick and just pass through, then it's right back to mild and beautiful.  It does  make getting laundry done a little tricky as we have to hang our clothes out on the community clothes line here at the apartment building to dry.

It is fairly quiet here for the most part.  During the day there is construction going on.  These are brand new apartments and they are finishing the building next to ours which can be noisy (like today during nap time).  Once in a while we hear sirens go by, and there are the calls to prayer 4-5 times a day.  Our first few nights here we were plagued by bull frogs singing outside our window.  They were so loud I had to ask my African friends if they were the size of hippos-they sounded THAT big!  They just laughed at me.  I have not heard them the past few nights and wonder if they have moved on or if I have gotten used to them.

Our apartment has screens on all of the windows so we have had no problems with mosquitoes.  Bill and I have given up using our mosquito net as it wasn't big enough to fit our bed.  Then, we had to move our bed to make room for Anita's crib and Hannah's mattress so it really doesn't fit now.  I have only seen 2 mosquitoes the entire time we've been here anyway so I'm not too worried. Plus, we have been faithful about taking our Malarone (anti-malaria med) every day.  

We have been able to cook most of our meals right here in the apartment.  It has been challenging to figure out what to eat.  Groceries are a little more expensive here than we were anticipating.  We have heard that there is a fresh fruit market near by where we can get our fruit much cheaper. We will be checking that out on  Monday.  Both of the little girls LOVE fruit so we are going through a lot of it.  We have also decided that we are going to have to buy a cow when we get home because we are going through a TON of milk!    We are trying to just keep things simple for now until we figure out a cheaper way to shop and also figure out what exactly Hannah and Anita like to eat.  (actually we haven't found anything that Anita won't eat-ha!)

Well, that's just a tid bit about us here in Africa.  Still waiting to hear confirmation on Hannah's court date for October 1st.  Please pray with us that that would be approved by the court.

Thanks for joining us on our journey....

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