Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It seems like we have waited for an eternity for this time to come.  In 3 days we will be boarding a plane to go get our sweet girls out of their orphanages in Uganda.  We have packed, repacked and packed again. We have talked, prayed, cried, and talked some more about how this magnificent event is going to change our family...yet again!

After Grace died we were redefined as a family of four. I remember feeling the pain of that reality and realizing that I did not want to be a family of four and crying out to God that it was not fair!!!  In the months that followed we spent innumerable hours together bonding as a family and redefining the "birth order" of our two girls.  Sarah fought being the oldest.  Deanna fought with her sister.  It became quite evident that Grace had often been the "peacemaker" in our home with her two sisters.  Sarah and Dee had to learn how to communicate on a different level now.

Two years later we feel "comfortable" in our family of four. (I still don't like it).  Now, as we prepare to transition into a family of six we face new challenges.  We knew it would be difficult.  We knew that we would grieve, yet again (although in a different way then before).  We knew there would be transitions.  We have talked about all of these things, but until the reality of the situation hits you you just don't know how each member of the family is going to respond. 

Yesterday, it became very clear that we were all very STRESSED!  We started the day with a bedwetting episode (which never happened, even during potty training).  This was followed by bickering, hollering, snide comments and pouty faces.  Bill and I just looked at each other and with our non verbal communication that comes from knowing someone for 20 years we both just KNEW that we needed to slow things down and spend some time with our girls. 

We are fairly well packed and ready to go.  Today will finish up last minute banking and notes for things left to be done by our dear family.  Bill has scheduled some special time with his girls for today.  "Time" being the operative word here.  For, when we look back on raising our children that is the most precious thing of all...TIME!

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