Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day Nine in Uganda...Quiet Sunday

It is Sunday morning here in Uganda.  We decided to forego church today as Anita and I still don't feel well and we are all very tired.  It was probably a good decision as we all slept until 8 this morning!  Last night was a rough night for sleep.  Anita has a terrible cough which Bill and I hear all night long, plus needed a diaper change in the night.  Hannah awoke in the night with an accident, then wanted to sleep with me (she still doesn't do well putting herself to sleep without someone else there).  Bill put her in bed with me and he slept in her bed.  The only problem with this is that she NEVER STOPS MOVING WHILE SHE SLEEPS!!!!  I am not exaggerating even for a minute.  She is horrible to sleep with.  And, it's not like a mild's a whole body movement which typically is accompanied with kicking and hitting me!  After an hour of that I got up and went and slept on the couch.

This morning has been very low key for us.  It is overcast and dreary so we are all feeling very sleepy.  Bill and Dee made a breakfast of scrambled eggs and hash browns, we did 3 loads of laundry and got those hung out, put Anita down for a nap and are now just hanging out together in the living room.  Bill, Sarah and Dee are playing Hangman while Hannah sits next to me "reading" her books.

Hannah finally started coming out of her shell yesterday.  She finally felt comfortable enough to laugh and play around us.  She was actually quite silly. It was reassuring to see that she could play and have fun.  This morning she is back to being quite sedate but at least we know that she is beginning to trust us a little bit each day.  I have to keep reminding myself that she won't be able to undo in 5 days everything that she has known to be her normal for 3 1/2 years.

Anita is a very easy baby.  Despite her cold, cough, runny nose and cutting teeth she is overall very happy.  She does like to be held a lot when she isn't feeling well, but we are all taking turns with that.  Plus, a friend lent me her  baby wrap before we left and that has come in very handy. She loves to be snuggled up in that while Mom is busy doing stuff around the house.

Dee and Sarah continue to do amazingly well.  Dee had a day when she was struggling with all of this.  She still has a hard time understand why Hannah does not like her Daddy.  This is a concept that Dee cannot understand as she absolutely adores her Daddy and can't see why Hannah would not feel the same way right away.

Bill is doing well.  He is very excited because he has found a way to watch his beloved Patriots play.  He found a website that live streams the games for troops overseas.  He watched them play last week and is already looking forward to the game tonight, which won't start until 8 pm our time.

We have to take the girls to the medical clinic tomorrow for their medical exams for their visas.  This will include vaccinations which should be fun...NOT!  It is just another step in the process of what we have to do to comply with the requirements of our US Embassy to ascertain visas to allow the girls to come home with us.  

We were able to Skype with some family and friends yesterday which was a huge encouragement to us.  I struggle with feeling alone here despite being surrounded by my family.  It is nice to be here and just enjoy each other without feeling the pressures of life that come with living in America, but we still dearly miss our family back home.  We hope you all know how much we love and miss you.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.


  1. We love and miss you, too! It is hard for me to think that I cannot just pick up the phone and call you whenever I want to. Thank you so much for sharing it does help us to feel like we are apart of your journey.

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