Monday, September 27, 2010

A Fresh Start

It has now been 48 hours since we received word that our court date had been canceled.  This past weekend was full of so much raw emotion. We decided that we needed to get out of our apartment yesterday and do something fun. We went to the Love Kampala festival.  It was put on by over 1000 churches.  It was a free event that included Andre Palau as speaker and artists such as Nicole C. Mullens.  It was a 10 minute walk for us (probably would have been less time if we weren't traveling with an independent 3 year old that insists on walking on her own).    It was probably the best decision that we could have made.  When we got there we found a vendor and had some authentic Ugandan food for supper. As we were eating Nicole C. Mullens started her concert.  All I can say is...WOW!  I have always loved her music and had seen her perform at Women of Faith years ago.  She is a dynamic and powerful singer, but more importantly she has a wonderful message of our need to cling to our Saviour through all things.  I needed to hear that last night.  It was a great reminder to all of us that Jesus is always there and never changes.  Deep in my soul I know these truths, but when trials come it is sometimes difficult to see even a glimmer of hope in a sea of despair. 

We have decided that if we need to be here then we need to find some sort of "normalcy".  We need routine. We need structure. We need to have a life.  This is all easier said than done when you are in a foreign country, have no vehicle,  and no idea when you may get a phone call stating that you may have to pack up 4 children and travel 4-5 hours away to appear in court.

Today was sort of a fresh start for all  of us.  Bill took Sarah and Dee's schooling by the horns and they have all worked very hard this morning.  I, on the other hand, dressed and entertained the "littles" while re-organizing drawers of clothing and doing laundry.  

Hannah and Anita are doing very well.  Each day, Hannah gets more and more comfortable around us.  We have begun to see glimpses into her sweet, sweet spirit.  She is very playful and has a contagious laugh.  She loves to get herself dressed in the morning before coming out for breakfast.  She has obviously been taught to pick up after herself because she always makes sure all of her things are in their proper place...pajamas under pillow, clothes on her shelf (which is why I had to reorganize it), toys on a table that we have designated as a "kid friendly" area.  Meal time is sometimes still difficult, especially supper.  We have decided to not make a big deal of it.  If she does not eat what we have offered her than that is her choice.  You can be certain that she eats a very hearty breakfast the next morning though! She has mastered the art of eating with a spoon and now enjoys sitting at the table with the rest of us. 

Anita is thriving in her new family environment.  She is sleeping through the night, takes a 3 hour nap each day, has a very healthy appetite, takes 5-6  steps on her own at a time and loves to babble all day long.  She is always good for a laugh and if I am feeling down all I have to do is look at that beautiful face and she flashes me her toothy grin and I can't help but smile.  She has 3 new teeth since last week...3 teeth in one week!!!!  That would help explain her fussy moments and her constant drooling!!!!

As I write this Bill is finishing up science with the girls...anatomy...his specialty!  He started with a sore throat 2 days ago and I am praying that he does not get any sicker. It seems like we have all suffered from some sort of ailment since being here, except for Sarah. 

Bill will walk down to the outdoor market this afternoon and restock us up on fresh fruits and vegetables. We are thankful that we have found this market as we can get twice as much produce there as we can at the super market for the same price.  Bill loves the entire experience of being there. He is in his glory there.  I am glad he likes to go because, I have to admit, it kind of frightens me.  Plus, I have found that, as a white woman, I tend to be taken advantage of when I am alone.  I came home from the store the other day to find out that I had paid twice as much as Bill had on some DVDs because the man would not barter with me. 

Bill has told me that I was probably too emotional and negative in my last blog update. Bill has always been a "the glass is half full" kind of guy. I guess that is what makes us a good couple.  He keeps my chin up and I keep his feet planted on the ground or else he would float away with all of his "grand ideas".   My emotion comes mainly from my lack of control  in this situation.  I have never been one to be comfortable with trusting others with the fate of my children. I guess this fear has been made worse since the death of Grace. I need to remember that despite what others appear to be doing (or not doing) for my children that God has their best interest in mind and sees the bigger picture. 

Thanks to everyone for the kind words, comments and prayers.  We could not be on this journey without all of you.

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