Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

When we first arrived in Latvia we were pleasantly surprised at the refreshing cool breeze that greeted us as we got off the plane.  Then our guide, Edgars, tells us that it was terribly hot today and we began to worry that we were going to be terribly cold here!    I mean, if that was hot to them, then what was a "cool" day going to be like?  Never fear, God has blessed Latvia with a heat wave the likes that they haven't seen in quite a while apparently!  Last night they broke their all time record for a high temp.  I believe it was 36 C (97 F).  Definitely warm, but not unbearable.  Today was also very warm, but there is a pleasant breeze that blows through the window which makes it quite nice.  We took a walk to the park and sat in the shade, eating our picnic lunch (cheese and butter sandwiches, apples, chips, and some cookies that I picked up at the local "convenience" store (Narvesen)).  

With this "good" weather that we have been blessed with comes tons of tourists here in Riga.  This makes for some very loud nights for us. Anita seems the most affected by it.  She is awake well past midnight every night. This has thrown a wrench into our routine as everything seems a bit "off" because of it.  The heat also brings out some of the most scantily clad women I think I have ever seen. My poor husband is inundated with outfits that leave very little to the imagination!  Wow!  I think I wear  more clothes to bed than some of these women wear on the streets of Riga! BAD!

Now for the ugly....a few days ago we noticed a leak from our bathroom ceiling. We promptly reported it to Edgars who came and investigated.  He notified the owner upstairs and we thought that would be the end of it.  Well, the next morning the drip remained and things seemed to be progressing quite rapidly!  We left the apartment for the day and came home to THIS...

Needless to say, Edgars was less than impressed and we are now awaiting the cleaning crew to come and clean our mess, while the tenants upstairs deal with the wrath of Edgars!!!!  Thankfully, we have two bathrooms in our apartment so we have temporarily wrapped crime scene tape around this disaster zone and now direct all of the children to our room to use the potty.  Good times!!!

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